Mobile menu doesn't work, footer doesn't show with certain iframe

I’m working on a real estate site using iHomefinder IDX. We’re iframing in content via code embed, easy peasy, except a) footers don’t show and b) the mobile menu button doesn’t work on 2 specific pages (linked below).

These two pages have the most “complex” iframes within them, so I’m wondering if it’s iHomefinder code and Webflow not playing well together. iHomefinder support has basically said it’s Webflow’s issue, so would appreciate some help. The menu and footer working is rather important :slight_smile:

Note that both work fine in Webflow preview mode, but don’t work when published.
Share link: Webflow - Metro Digs Website

Listing page:
Example neighborhood page:

Animation of Editor (how it should work) vs. Published (how footer isn’t there, menu button doesn’t work in mobile):

I think some screenshots would help us understand where exactly the issue is.

Just added to the original post, thanks for the comment.

Figured it out! I didn’t close the iframe tag on those two pages alone. Stupid, but, thanks to anyone who looked :slight_smile:

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