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JS Embed not rendering images - on one particular page

I’m building a real estate website with iHomefinder’s IDX solution. iHomefinder has simple javascript code to pull in a gallery slider of featured homes for sale. This slider code works on the listings page, but not on the home page - the images won’t render. iHomefinder support thinks it’s a Webflow issue.


Live site:
Home (midway down, image missing):
Listings (works):

Link to iHomefinder instructions if you want to go really in depth:

Any insight on what may cause the image to fail to render only on the home page would be appreciated!

From a brief look I noted in the listings that work the src is

The listings that don’t show the src as

Could the difference be the reason?

You caught me mid-edit! The hid code is a separate thing, both embeds should have the top working source you noted now (home page still isn’t working though.)