Mobile Landscape styling issues

Hi everyone!

I’m pretty new to Webflow, and web dev in general (designer by trade!), so forgive me if this has been asked before or I’m just missing something completely…

I’m making my wedding website to up my Webflow skills - It’s looking pretty good across all breakpoints, but when I change to mobile landscape, it’s completely messed up. I’ve been back and forth between mobile landscape and portrait, and it seems to change the landscape view once I’ve changed portrait, and vice versa, and also sometimes changes elements on other breakpoints too… it’s basically just becoming a total mess and it’s driving me CRAZY. The weirdest thing is, it’s mainly the “Food + RSVP” page in landscape view I’m having issues with… the main page seems fine.

I know to design from biggest screen down to smallest here, which is why I’m getting so confused… I could be missing something really obvious here, so any help is hugely appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: