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Mobile Landscape setting working for certain phones and white space on either side


I’m having issues with the mobile landscape layout of my website.
It only seems to work on certain phones - for example on an Iphone X it works and displays as it should based on the webflow design, but on the Iphone Xs Max or Iphone 11 Pro is doesnt follow the design specs at all, it actually seems to take on the setting of the desktop version.

There are is also white space either side of the webpage that I can’t seem to get rid of

Any help is appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have the exact same issue. Mobile landscape works as intended for iPhone X, but not working at all on iPhone 11 Max Pro. I have the “Let’s Connect” text box (in the home page hero image section) set to “hide” on mobile landscape view, yet it is still appearing on the iPhone 11. That element is hidden properly on iPhone X mobile landscape view.