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Mobile landscape problems


I’m working on a personal project and it’s not the first time I’m stumbling across mobile landscape issues. I’ve searched through the forum and sometimes also found a solution, but this time after hours of search I’m a bit stuck.

The specific problem I’m having is that the text on top of the page gets hidden behind the chrome address bar when in mobile landscape. It is also not possible to scroll up to see the hidden part, while scrolling down is possible. On other views my goal is to keep everything in viewport, but of course with mobile landscape it’s a bit complicated if not impossible without making text much smaller (which would make text smaller also in other views), so a possible scrolling solution would be nice to achieve.

I tried to fix this problem with margin and padding, but is this really the only option? Also trying to figure out what are the best design choices to do in general in order to have responsive mobile landscape without messing up everything else.

I hope I was able to articulate clearly and thanking in advance for any input from the community!

Best wishes,

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hi @joonastagel here is solution as video use solution what will suite you most