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Mobile Cascading up and page displaying weird


I’m just learning, so my organization is a bit of a mess. However, after watching a million videos a million times I think I’m starting to understand it all. (I haven’t named most anything properly though, sorry!) I don’t think my laziness in naming would be the reason I’m having so many problems. I don’t know why, but mobile is a huge mess with my ‘location’ section not showing up in downward order but cramming onto the right, and only a fraction visible. I can accept that it could be my fault somehow (no clue why though.)

Something that I don’t think could be my fault is that when I change something in mobile to fix the mess, it applies to everything. For example moving things in a grid moves them everywhere. I tried to fix all the mobile mess by hiding everything and re-starting (just wanted to make it work) but suddenly when I click hide in mobile view nothing happens, no matter if I try to hide the section, or each individual item. I’ve also had issues with images. They keep showing up as tiny little icons or stretching to fill a whole page. After a while it goes back to normal, but it’s really hard to set a size or drag to resize (nothing seems to happen most of the time. It seems to be worse when I put it in a div block, but shouldn’t I still be able to size things even in a div block?) I just signed up for the paid service. I had very poor logic in thinking that my issues would go away if I paid, but I really want to learn and I really want Webflow to work for me.

I’ve asked a lot of questions, so if anyone answers anything it would preferably be: Why is mobile cascading up? and/or Why is my ‘location’ page randomly squished to the right instead of scrolling down?

Again, sorry for the mess of organization. I learn by doing X’D


Project link:

Can you share a link to the project?

Sorry! Just updated!!
(here’s some photos of the image skewing thing and the pushing a page to the right thing)

For the circular image of the bar on Mobile some quick styling can fix it.

Div 44 (Behind the Circular Image)
Modify the Flex direction to be Centered for both Align and Justify.

At this point the circular image is going to be very tiny. If you want to enlarge it just modify the width of the image

Image 20 (Circle)
Width -> Any % will work

For the section pushed to the right, modify the Paragraph style under “Float and Clear” - remove the float.

Thank you :slight_smile: Any clue why editing things on mobile would effect tablet and desktop? Do you think I should contact webflow about it? I feel like it must be a bug, but maybe not :stuck_out_tongue: