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Mobile button for navigation on the fritz upon scrolling

Here’s the story:

I’ve made a Mobile menu button to access the mobile navigation.

While viewing the mobile using Webflow the page functions just fine.

Once I view the page after publishing, I scroll through the case study page, and as soon as it passes the illustration of a girl painting, the mobile button skews to the right making the page larger and the page becomes unresponsive.

Here’s what I’ve tried doing:

  1. Made another menu (considering maybe it’s the different body properties from the home page)

  2. Tried attaching the menu and button to another element.

What you should know:

  1. I know absolutely nothing about code.

  2. It would help a great deal to explain the how’s & why’s and involve a picture in your explanation, I learn best that way.

  3. The problem with the menu button is (so far) only on this page, it doesn’t happen on my current mobile home page.

  4. I’m also having problems with my slider being viewed on mobile as well… (thinking about redoing it all together, looks hideous)

Here is my public share link:
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