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Mobile Animations GLITCHING | HELP PLZ :)

On mobile, the second card (with the beans) will glitch out as I scroll… I have NO idea why this does this and I have tried multiple things with no result :::((((((( Pleasse help :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link:
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Hi Nate,

can you elaborate on ‘Glitch out’, looking at the preview site all cards look OK and the animations seem to work correctly?


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here, use

Hi Nate,

Thanks for the link. Checked it out, but still don’t see any unusual behaviour.
Have viewed the site via preview, resized browser window (Chrome, Firefox) and Mobile phone.

Are you able to screen record the issue? You can use a tool like:

Or CloudApp:

Not sure if you got that dropbox link.

I can email if needed :slight_smile:

Ok, so that’s really weird!!

I noticed that your video shows you using Safari on an iPhone?

I also notice that in the forums there are numerous different issues with sites not rendering correctly with ios, iPhone, Safari. Not sure if this issue is related or not? But I can’t test on any ios/Safari devices so can’t replicate the issue.

One suggestion - can you duplicate the 1st card to replace the 2nd card (make 2nd card display: none) and see if the issue persist?

It may be easier to replace/rebuild the 2nd card than search for the ‘needle in the haystack’

Sorry I wasn’t able to help further.:pensive:

KNk, thanks for the help!

I appreciate the prompt responses!

I did try that with the same outcome unfortunately.

There are two scroll into view animations.

One is to make the box appear, and the other is for the text to appear in sequence.

For some reason, only the second box has the issue.

Hopefully there will be a fix soon :slight_smile:

Any ideas on what might be the issue??

Thanks again!