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Mixpanel Webflow Integration

Hey All,
I’m trying to set up Mixpanel for my website and I’m a little confused about how the whole thing works. I got the code from Mixpanel that I’m supposed to paste inside the section.
Do I need to paste this on each page that I want to track or only in the project settings inside the “custom code” tab?

I pasted it on each page.
I also tracked an event on each page like this:

mixpanel.track(“Contact Page Views”);

I have this kind of script on all my pages, however on Mixpanel I can see only the events coming from my Homepage.

What is wrong?

I can’t find any resources or tutorials around this topic. Looks like not so many people use Mixpanel with Webflow?

Anyway, thank you for the support.
Would be really helpful if someone has some experience with this.