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Mixpanel Webflow Integration

Hey All,
I’m trying to set up Mixpanel for my website and I’m a little confused about how the whole thing works. I got the code from Mixpanel that I’m supposed to paste inside the section.
Do I need to paste this on each page that I want to track or only in the project settings inside the “custom code” tab?

I pasted it on each page.
I also tracked an event on each page like this:

mixpanel.track(“Contact Page Views”);

I have this kind of script on all my pages, however on Mixpanel I can see only the events coming from my Homepage.

What is wrong?

I can’t find any resources or tutorials around this topic. Looks like not so many people use Mixpanel with Webflow?

Anyway, thank you for the support.
Would be really helpful if someone has some experience with this.


I’m trying to do the same and looking for documentation as well. My angular app is using mixpanel to track user analytics so it would be awesome if I can just use mixpanel to track my landing page built on webflow as well.

I tried typing Mixpanel on webflow university and the article that came up was about Segment. Does this mean I need to use GA to track my webflow site and then consolidate the data across Mixpanel and GA in Segment?? :thinking:

Hi @Emilie_Ho,
I’m not an expert but maybe it helps if I tell you how I did it. The lack of documentation for this is annoying but I managed to make it work for my website,

When you sign up for Mixpanel, you get a code that you’ll have to paste in your “Inside tag” field in your page settings that you want to track.

In the same field, at the end of all the code, you should write a simple line of code which looks like this:

I do this for every page that I want to track. For example, if I want to track my contact page, the first code stays the same but on the second code I change only the name of the page, like this:

Inside Mixpanel, these pages will show up in your Reports page, when you add a new event to track.
You’ll have to wait a bit though for the page to show up in Mixpanel. I remember it took half an hour or so in my case.

Hope it helps

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Just following up in case it helps anyone. As mentioned by Cristian, you’ll first get a tracking script which you’ll need to enter into your project. You can do this on each page you want to track or add it to your Project Settings’ Custom Code section, which will include the Mixpanel code throughout your site.

The mixpanel.track("xyz") piece of code you mention is what tells Mixpanel to record that event. It’s often used to track things like when someone clicks on a button in your app, viewed a page, completed a purchase or some other action.

With Mixpanel and Webflow, the only thing you can really track is page views (as we don’t have any control how Webflow handles the other types of events). You can do that by adding mixpanel.track("Viewed X Page") which will then appear in your Mixpanel list of events.

You could also use this to track actions that lead a user to a specific page. For example, if someone downloads an e-book or subscribes to a newsletter and gets sent to a specific “thank you” page, you can add mixpanel.track("Downloaded E-book") or mixpanel.track("Subscribed") to that page to record that activity.

Beyond that, Mixpanel is quite limited in Webflow. We’re actually working on Nocodelytics, a Webflow analytics tool that’s a lot like Mixpanel. It automatically tracks things like button clicks, searches and even shows you popular items in your CMS. You can try it out for free :slight_smile: