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[TUTORIAL]: How To Track Buttons, Links & Phone Numbers

Want to easily track clicks on your website but don’t have time to set up or maintain Tag Manager? This tutorial is for you.

1. Connect Nocodelytics to your Webflow account

Sign up at During the short sign up process, you’ll be asked to authorize your Webflow account, where you can choose the sites you wish to give Nocodelytics access to.

After that, you can click on the site you want to enable tracking for to get a tracking script.

2. Add tracking script to your site’s Project Settings

When you add the tracking script, it automatically stores each user interaction including page views, button/link clicks, searches, and even clicks on CMS items.

Click the copy button (or the “take me there” link) and go to the Project Settings page of the site that you want to set up tracking for. Paste the code into the Head Code section.

Make sure you save and publish your changes. Click Test to verify this step.


3. View clicks for your button or link

You’ll now see an empty dashboard. Nocodelytics is already tracking everything at this point, so all you’ve got to do is choose which buttons/links you want to view engagement for.

Click on the “New metric” option in the top right. From the dropdown, select “Buttons and Link Clicks”. Add the ID of the button, link or phone number link you’re interested in seeing clicks for.

If you’re not sure what the ID is, go to your Webflow designer, click the Settings panel in the top right and you’ll see the ID (if it’s blank, you’ll need to add a unique ID and then publish your changes).

At this point, you’ll see a preview showing the number of clicks the button or link has received. Click “Save to dashboard” if you want to keep this on your dashboard.


3. You did it :tada:

That’s all there is to it!

Now that you’ve saved so much time, why not track popular CMS items as well?

Any questions? Just reply below or send an email to