Missing links in Firefox

Firstly, thank you everyone who answered my previous questions, even though I gave up on that particular project, I used what I learned to apply to one that’s worked out much better.

Now, my problem with this site is I have links to two websites which completely vanish when the site is opened in Firefox. In Opera, they appear and function without a problem. I have no idea what settings cause this.

Here’s what it looks like in Opera, with the links to Behance and LinkedIn in place.

And this is in Firefox.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Tim Prybor portfolio

is this happening on your published site?

Yes. I noticed after posting this it also happens on the project pages - the software used rich text field doesn’t appear either.

What doesn’t Firefox like about the code?

Hey @Blaaaarg, might be your percentage left margin, try this and tell me.

Turns out it my ad-blocker in Firefox being overzealous, but I did make these changes anyway. Thank you.