Issue with Firefox


I recently published my site and found that there is a compatibility issue with Firefox.

Please see the following screenshots:

Google Chrome:


Note: this is on the published site, not the designer.

Thanks in advance!

And where there is Flexbox? I could not find these settings anywhere near map


I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.

What is a flexbox?

OMG, I am sorry :flushed: my bad. Was rushing, read Flexbox instead Firefox.

No problem, thanks for looking into it

Can you please share your Webflow share link? It’ll help us better diagnose the issue. :sunglasses:

I tried, here is what I get:

Try turning the switch to off, refresh the page, then turn it back on and hit Generate new preview link. :innocent:

Sorry, it’s not working… =/

go your read-only link for you:

which page is this happening on?

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Just give the .map class a position: relative, that should work (bc now it has static)

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