Missing Background Image

Body body is white.
Foreground Text is white.
Background image assigned to a section does not visible.
Image is not hidden.
Adding a background color to the section shows that the section is there.
Running in Preview… no issues. Background is visible.

Anyone ?

Hi @Revolution

Read-Only link pls :smiley:

I just found out it’s not the code (html or css).

I manually replace the image reference in the css file

  • to an alternate image

and it works.

So it has to be the image.

Can you place this image into the background of a section (cover not fixed centered).
Change opacity to 65%… add junk text in white into the div.

Preview it… it should be work fine.

Export it… image will not be visible but highlighting all text on the page will show the text.

Can you verify this. If so… it has to be the image. Otherwise… I’m missed something.

I just tried completely different image again… and it works.

Something is screwy about the original image.

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