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Microsoft Edge support for Webflow

Hello everybody!

I am brand-new to Webflow. I have recently created a blank project in the Microsoft Edge browser (on Windows 10 version 1803 - the April Update). The Designer window loads properly, but once I drag and drop any element from the sidebar into the workspace, the page blacks out and displays a “Something went wrong” error. I was subsequently prompted to submit an error report, but when I click send, a popup dialog informs me the report could not be submitted.

I am rather shocked that Webflow is reluctant to add support for the most popular web browsers to its software. Not everybody wants to use Chrome or Safari and there are people who wouldn’t want to be forced to switch browsers just to get a properly working UI. I certainly expect more out of a company trying to promote itself to the public through YouTube ads and the such.

To sum up, I hope our developers understand why supporting all modern web browsers is a core requirement to widespread adoption of this software, just like how the websites it creates do.

Thank you for taking your time to read my story.

Webflow just opened up support for browsers outside of Chrome this week, so I’d imagine that bugs will be worked out as development continues. That being said, I’m a bit confused when you say Microsoft Edge is one of the most popular browsers, although I will admit that depending on the industry it may be the most common used by visitors.

My suggestion (even if you choose not to use Chrome as your ‘daily driver’) is to install Chrome and set a shortcut on your desktop for Webflow’s Admin Dashboard. You’ll never have to use Chrome for normal internet usage (meaning you can keep Edge as your default browser) but utilize the shortcut as a pseudo-app that can be accessed like any other app on your desktop.

Webflow utilizes techniques to ensure that the websites you create on the platform will be compatible with modern web browsers. That doesn’t included certain web technologies (like flexbox/grid) not supported by some less common browsers ( but this means you spend less time keeping up with ways to deal with modern web technology updates and more time creating awesome websites.

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Hey @GadgetGeek

I’m sorry to hear your first experience was problematic. For better or worse, we are a very small team and so prioritizing what we work on is a very imperfect process with lots of tradeoffs. Over the course of this year we’ve gotten to the point where we feel confident to allow experimental support for non-webkit based browsers. We know it there are still issues and are hoping that through this experimental period to gain enough feedback and awareness to both the desire for support in different browsers as well as the scope of issues people experience.

Whilst I can make no commitments as to where this will lead, I do want to welcome you to Webflow and thank you for sharing your experience. In the future, if you would be so kind as to include exact browser and OS versions as well as as a screenshot or recording of the issue and any browser console ( output, that would be very helpful in us understanding and triaging the issues.

Additionally, as @mikeyevin mentioned, the published sites from Webflow have very wide browser compatibility supporting all modern browsers and more (depending on what features you use).

– Dustan

Since future versions of MS Edge will be based on Chromium, most developers, over time will slow down or stop trying to make the current version work with custom web apps.

Just something to consider.

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