When will Microsoft Edge be supported so that I can use WebFlow to build web sites?

Currently, Microsoft Edge holds between 4% and 5% of the market share, but its number of users has doubled in the last year. According to Microsoft Edge Dev team, Edge is currently used on 330 million devices worldwide. In comparison, the number of users was about 150 million back in April 2016.

Webflow sites are supported by Edge. I mean Edge users can navigate on Webflow site like other sites.

When it’s said Webflow isn’t compatible with Edge, it means the Designer part, where you make, design the sites. And that part, I’m afraid, will not be compatible with Edge, for at least 2 major reasons.

  1. Webflow Designer is built for a certain type of web renderer. It’s Webkit. Webkit is used by Chrome and Safari to render pages. That’s why Webflow designer is compatible with Chrome and Safari. Anything else (IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera…) is not using Webkit. If you wanted to make Webflow Designer compatible with them, you’d have to develop another version of Webflow. Like an application would be completely different if it was programmed for Mac and Windows.
  2. there is no need to make Webflow Designer compatible with Edge, as anyone can install Chrome on Windows and work from there. It’s free and reliable.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, I now understand. I have used Chrome for many years but now that MS Edge has a big speed (for reading content) advantage, I have stopped using Chrome completely. I guess I’ll stay with Adobe Muse for now.

Why not use Chrome for development?

Adobe Muse doesn’t offer anything close to what Webflow does.

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