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Hi Everybody,

One of my clients started using Webflow instead of Wordpress, but he is not very happy that the meta descriptions are not showing up in Google search. I contacted Webflow support for help, but they say there is nothing wrong with the site and it’s all Google’s fault?.

Sometimes Google shows the meta description, sometimes the paragraph and sometimes the top banner info … (Start designing … )

Is there a way to tell Google to prioritise the metadata description? Is there something wrong with the website?

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That is the way Google works. You have no real control over the SERP result content displayed. They show what they think the user would benefit from. Visit Google Search Central to read about it. Nothing we can do in the forums to help.


I get this information every time, but the client tells me that Wordpress doesn’t do this. Wordpress is always published with just a meta description and nothing else.

This never happen to me before with other Webflow websites. I’m just try to understand why this is happening.

A quick glance and it looks the SERPS are using your METAs almost exclusively…

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Yeah I did a site: search as well and got meta description on everyone. Again it is something you have no real control over, to a point. You can finesse the tag to an extent which after years of practice I’ve found ways to compel it, again only to a certain extent as its never 100%. As to wordpress always showing the meta tag I don’t see that 100% but again it comes down to on-page content.

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Yes, sometimes it displays correctly… sometimes it doesn’t.

I agree with the content of the page. I still don’t understand what google prefers … then why do we do meta description when google doesn’t prefer meta content.

Google gives no guarantees, however I find it nearly always uses META content when I provide it. Your SERPS seem to use your METAs 100%, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to… though I haven’t compared every one of them.

In general Google seems to only avoid using META description if it violates Google standards… could be length, word choice, keyword density, etc. If it looks spammy or somehow inappropriate, or irrelevant to the page content, it might prefer some other excerpt it creates. But that’s been exceptionally rare in my experience.

More likely, you’ve just been seeing old results, from a scan performed before you added the METAs. Google might only re-index a page every few months on new, unproven sites.

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Thank you for your time. I appreciate it very much.

Hey, I also face the same issue and try to fix it. Now, after reading your post I came to know it is not an error from my side.
Thanks for sharing.