Merge summary for page branching

Reduce risk of unintended changes reaching the main site by reviewing proposed changes and Site Activity detail prior to merging a branch.

We’re excited to announce the Merge summary, a new feature that will help you reduce the risk of unintended changes being applied to your main site when merging a page branch.

Since we originally released page branching, we’ve been hard at work to make sure it keeps getting better and better. Recently, we released:

Available today, you’ll be able to use the Merge summary to review the proposed changes on a page branch, see who’s suggesting them, and drill into each change for Site Activity log detail on which elements will be affected — another way Webflow helps you go live quickly and safely.

Image showing summary of changes prior to merging a branch in the Merge summary

This release also paves the way for Design Approvals, coming to Webflow later this year. This new workflow will allow users to propose design changes on branches and have them reviewed and approved by teammates — all so you can go live quickly and safely.

To learn more about merging page branches and the Merge summary, visit Webflow University.