Can we localize a branched page?

For example, we have an english page that goes through translation/localization
then we make this page a branch so that our translation reviewer can touch this one page?

Then, once the reviewer has approved or made their edits, they tag a lead developer in comments and proceed to merge that page back into the main branch let’s say it’s the Korean version of the site. One question I have is what role a user has to have to be able to merge a page.

We are hoping this will work. Please confirm if this workflow is possible.

I am just trying to figure this workflow out and want to run this by the community.

Our site will have 7 translations, including English
Once all the English content is migrated from Drupal to Webflow, we then need to start localization in all those languages. When you create a localization, I assume it clones the page and adds it into a Korean directory with /ko url? At that point, you branch the Korean homepage so a reviewer can approve it and merge that back to the main branch of Korean?