Menu navigation logo changes on scroll down

I have a template installed. When I scroll down the menu logo in the upper left corner changes to a different logo. How do I make the upper left logo the same as you scroll down?

Hello @Doug23

It sounds like there is a hidden “sticky” nav that is revealed upon scrolling. Please share your project’s read-only link so other we can help.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Matthew,
Here is my link.

Thanks if you find anything.

Also is there way that my columns can be centered in desktop view for the “design process” page.
All the columns are centered in mobile view but seem slightly left aligned in desktop view.



The hidden navigation is inside the scroll navigation symbol. Double click on the symbol in the Navigator to edit. Go to the image element and replace the logo in the settings panel. You’ll need to add the proper class name or adjust the styling to match the initial static logo.

As for the Design Process page, you could use flexbox for more design control over the columns and rows.

Hope this all helps. Happy designing!

Hey Matthew,
It works! Great! Thank you.

Looks like you figured it out. :+1: