Menu items repositioning on browser resize

Hi there, could use some expertise on the following:

In Safari, the main menu items (‘Home, About, Contact’) blink/reposition when adjusting browser window size, or scrolling into view. Any idea of what’s causing this? Seems to be more fluid in other browsers.

Any help appreciated.

Many thanks!

Don’t have Safary for check it out, unfortunately. But in Chrome and Mozilla works fine.

Are you still experiencing this issue?

I see the bug under Safari. I don’t understand it though. There is a series of thing you can try to make your layout more solid. Your link menu element don’t have any sort of width declared, in absolute nor in percent. So start by giving a solid pixel dimension in width to your menu element (the link one), and give the whole second column the highest z-index of the page. Try the highest z-index on the full ROW element too, and finally on the whole navbar (the two last actions only if the dimension + zindex on the link doesn’t work). Could you come back and tell me if it worked? That would be great thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can you also check this post? Transitions set to ALL affecting to NavBar in Safari

It seems there’s a know bug when using “All” for transitions with Safari. I wasn’t aware of this known thing since yesterday when I read this post.

Hi Vincent, that worked! Thank you.

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