Membership sign up verfication email link

Hi there community!

I have a question, is there a way to change the membership email verification link?

Currently, when you get the email after you sign up to membership created using the Webflow beta membership function. You get the verify email, and then you click on verify and then sends you to home page by default.

But I want to change this verify link to go straight to the gated content that its intended for.


Hey Christian,

That’s not possible natively with current memberships, however if you were interested I could build that for you as a small custom dev project.

Or if you have some dev experience, you could build it yourself.
We’ve built a library here which allows you to specially route the first login after sign-up. That would need to be extended to support routing to the originally requested resource, which triggered the log-in/sign-up process initially.

Hi @christian163 :wave: welcome to the forum.

It’s a bit frustrating, they’ve changed this user flow several times. At one point you had more control, but currently you don’t. Hoping it swings back to the other direction, soon.

It’s my understanding that they’ll update the signup flow to more closely work like the login flow, where you can 100% control where users are redirected to:

Much nicer.

Hey Christian,

Hopefully you figured this out by now, but if not, better late than never.

I found that there is a link in the “Success” state of the sign up form. You can change this link to the page that you would like a user redirected to after the verify their email.

Hope this helps!