Maximum number of Collection Lists on one page?

Hello Webflow community (and hopefully WF devs),

I am building out a new photography portfolio site that includes a CMS collection for “photographs”.
I was hoping to showcase this CMS collection in a Slider with lightboxes for each CMS item.

I’d like to display 2 slides per frame/matte with the ability to scroll through the collection (1 slide at a time).

To make this work the way I want, I’ve had to add a CMS field called “Order #” and have placed individual CMS collection lists into each Slide in the Slider (Sort by Order #, Limit: 1, Start at N+1).

This produces exactly what I want, but I’ve now run into an unintended consequence: “You can not have more than 20 CMS collection lists per page”

I’ve attached the site below, as it’s a one-pager, you’ll have to hit “Photographs” to navigate to the appropriate section.

Is it possible to either:

A) Create the same look using fewer CMS lists (e.g. 1 list for all 20+ images), or
B) Add more than 20 CMS lists

Link to view project:

Public share link: Webflow - AB_Website