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Mass Find and Replace

When modifying purchased designs, it would be nice to be able to open the css and do a find/replace to make sure and catch all instances of a particular color that you are trying to tweak.

(or maybe this feature is already existing and I just don’t know how to do it).


WOW! That’s a great feature I never knew I wanted until now. Imagine if Webflow had something like swatches from InDesign. Change one of the colors and it changes that color everywhere it’s used. Brilliant!


Yea, that would be awesome! Would save a lot of time

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Using colour classes is a good idea and alternative. At the start of every project I will create them, i.e. ‘bgRed’ (background, for sections), ‘fgGreen’ (foreground, for text) ‘bgBlue’, ‘gradientBlue’… etc. That way I can throw them onto text and so on, then if I update the class it updates everywhere.

It would be a cool feature though, in the case of buying a pre-made theme from a developer who might not use that method…


Cool, never thought of that. I’ll try that on my next new project. Thanks @JoeMillion

No problem - thank you :slight_smile:

Amen to this.
I found this thread because I was desperate looking for a way do to find and replace.

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Have thought about it before, and just realized that this was a Wishlist item so thought I will mention that I support this idea. :wink::blush::+1:


Just curious if WF has a “find & replace” function? Like a text editor would have… “Find” a specific element and “Replace” with the new element, style, etc……

That would be awesome!

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