Manu bar is not visible

I’m playing around Navbar and I found out that menubar is not visible in tablet/mobile screen.
Instead, same navigation items are there in navigation section.

I checked another template to find a clue but I couldn’t figure it out why menu bar is not shown in my project.

Can anybody help me?


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You lean the Navbar doesn’t morph into a hamburger menu icon for mobile devices?

The author of this theme altered the Navbar element for this theme and removed any element regarding the hamburger mobile menu.

If you want to get that feature back, you have to delete the template navbar and start over with a new Navbar element.

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Yes, I meant that the Navbar doesn’t change to a hamburger menu icon for tablet/mobile devices.

As you suggested, I started the Navigation section from scratch, however hamburger menu icon is still not alive.

What am I missing? thanks