Making Webflow's navigation accessible

Hi there,

I’d like to make some accessibility upgrades to a website I designed:

The first hurdle I encountered is making the navigation keyboard controllable. I played around with the tabindex attribute, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

Are there any posts/is there any existing advice on how to make the default nav bar in Webflow properly accessible? I couldn’t find anything so far. :confused:

The site seems to function well with voiceover on mac and iOS. Nav items are read in the correct order.

Thank you! Can I ask how you are testing it? I’m fairly new to accessibility and have just been using Firefox’ built-in tools. I also can’t tab through the navigation with my keyboard. You can?


Webflow navigation in itself is accessible if you only use Nav link elements.

The problem is with the dropdown element which is not accessible. This has been previously discussed here in the forum and I don’t think they’ve solved it yet.

Oh right, thanks! That’s a shame.

There is nothing I can do to at least re-arrange the tab order? At the moment, when I press TAB it jumps straight to the dropdown menu. Has anyone found a hack/workaround for this?