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Making elements fixed and static on a slider

Good day, i have a problem with webflow’s slider, am trying to add elements to my slider but i want them to be static during the slideshow. could you help me with this please

So, you want the top header containing “Visit Nigeria” and the Navigation to be fixed while the slider change images?
It would be easier if you could provide a Preview-link, but my guess for now would be to wrap the elements you want to be fixed in a div, make it position:fixed, increase z-index and stick it to the top under the position-controls.

Haven’t tried this yet, so I might be wrong.

You need these informations to be oustide of the slider, in fact.

Create a section and give is position:relative.
In it, put the slider, and put a div with the informations you want to appear at all time. give to this div: position:absolute and position it over the slider.

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@vincent Sorry am new to webflow, i dont understand what you are implying

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to show you?

Learn how to do it here:

@vincent here it is

Sorry, but the link don’t work :frowning:

@vincent @StevenP Sorry try this one

I moved the section with the info in the body, made it position absolute and tweaked a few things

watch here

@vincent thank you very much, it works now