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Making a selection which is automatically added to enquiry form

Hi, I need to create an entertainment agency site for a client.

I’d like a user to be able to view the profile of an entertainer and be able to click ‘Add to Wishlist’ or ‘Make Enquiry’. Add to Wishlist will create a selection of entertainers they may be interested in booking. When they click enquire they will see a form to fill in and the entertainers from their Wishlist will be automatically added to the form. The entertainer profiles are CMS items.

The easiest way to explain what I have in mind is to look at this site 100+ Unique Entertainment Ideas | Unusual Party Entertainment | Warble Entertainment If you click on an entertainer it has the functionality I’m trying to describe.

I’d be grateful for any advice on how to achieve something along these lines with Webflow.


Hey @sparky

Responded to your customer support request, but cross-posting here too.

Out of the box, you may be able to accomplish something like this using Ecommerce. In fact, the site you mentioned in your forum post is using some sort of e-commerce system to manage this function.

You would probably need a bit of customization to get things to work exactly how you want, but the add to cart function may be the answer for you.