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Making a second basic website! Quick question on XD artboard size in Adobe XD

No read-only link as we haven’t started working on Webflow just yet…

We are designing via Adobe XD. Webflow has a couple of breakpoints with the desktop as the default.

We had previously designed a test project in XD using the 1280px by 800px artboard. But then when we translated it to Webflow, we had to make quite a bit of eyeballing on Webflow desktop breakpoint instead of basing off completely from the XD design in terms of spacing etc. (So we obviously weren’t using the right artboard size!). We want to try and minimise time spent on this eyeballing/tweaking.

Our question: What artboard size should we be using on XD to start so we can avoid this eyeballing/tweaking on the desktop breakpoint?

Thank you in advance!

Would anyone here be able


I would suggest making 3 wireframes at most.

  1. For the display size most common for your user.
  2. The mobile version.
  3. Larger displays or smaller displays for desktop.

You can fill the in-between (Tablet, Landscape mobile, etc) as you are designing in Webflow.

Hope this helps.