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Make text smaller on overflow

on the webpage of a client, I would like, that if Text overflows (for a heading eg.) that it just gets smaller, as this looks terrible:2021-03-23 at 8.53 AM How can I do that?

Thanks beforehand!

Yeah, German words can be a pain.

I found this forum post: Can't paste "­" into a text element anymore - #15 by prohaska

Normally this would be done with the ­ workaround. But Webflow does not support that. Maybe you can find another solution in the post.

You could also remove a column for more wider post previews.

Thank you for the post, yeah how dumb am I to not have had the idea of changing the site language. I Will do it, once I get the hosting plan.
Normally there should be the option to break the word up like Rechtsschutzverordnung will be Rechts-
schutzverordnung. I think the same exists in English, weird it isn’t a thing in webflow as I am moving the site from a WP site and there it was the case, but still :heart: webflow.

Thanks for the help. :pray:

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