How to make heading size shrink with a page?

I can’t seem to find a way to shrink heading when I zoom in a page or when I use a narrow view. It goes off the screen whatever I do.

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Remove the current text in the heading. I’m not sure why, but it doesn’t break.

Paste this text inside the heading to make it work again:

Now it’s better. So what’s the difference between that text and mine?
I tried retyping it myself and it doesn’t work like yours.
Also, is it possible to make it resize instead of breaking?

Must’ve been some styling included within the text from the location you originally copied it.

You could set the fontsize and fontheight to View width (VW). For example:

Tried that, doesn’t work
So, how can I take care of that styling later down the line?

Ahhh, I changed the text size in typography instead of in the size portion of styling to VW. That worked.
I made it so that text resizes along with a page.
Thanks again :smiley:

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