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Make column occupy full height of the row

Hi everyone.

On the second page of my site I have a 2-columned row. In the left one I’ve placed Vimeo video, I’d like it to take the full height of the row (which is similar to second column height) I want it to be responsive, so setting a fixed height to left and right column doesn’t work for me.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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The columns doesn’t take the 100% haight because it has no reference. HTML is incapable of thelling it what room to take. So you need to tell HTML something.

Put your ROW in a container. Give the container a height. The row 100% height, column 100% height. Now everything has the height of the container.

Alternatively, to solve this, use Flexbox. Select the row element, give it flex, adjust the properties for the cols to behave like you want. you may need to adjust flex properties on the column elements.

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Thanks :slight_smile: the flexbox worked

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