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Make a Typeform survey start when a new visitor subscribes to Webflow's email form

Hello friends,

I need help on something a bit advanced in here. When a new visitor signs up and clicks the email form button of the Webflow email form, I would like to automatically launch a Typeform survey as a pop-up.

For those familiar with Typeform, they already have the possibility to export the code for an EMBEDDED URL so that you can make it a pop-up in your website, but the code provided still creates a button that the user needs to press to start the Typeform survey.

I would like instead the Typeform survey to be started automatically when the user submits his/her email in Webflow’s email form. I know I should probably change the <#a> element in the Typeform survey code (the element is essentially a “Launch me” button) but I am not clear how to do that.

Do you possess this wisdom? :slight_smile:

Many many thanks!

P.s. here is the code if you need to reference it.