Recall data from a form input for a redirect URL

Hi everyone !

I use a typeform as redirect URL after someone send a webflow form.
Since Typeform allows hidden fields to populate info to its surveys, I’d like to know How I can dynamically insert the email input in the redirect URL.

Basically to explain :

  1. someone fill the email field with his email on my webflow form.
  2. after submitting the form, the redirect URL to go to typeform looks like this “Typeform: People-Friendly Forms and Surveys”. email=xxxxx being the hidden fields recollection for typeform
  3. I want to replace the “xxxxx” by the input from the email field of my webflow form so I can link results from the survey to a specific email without asking the email twice (once in webflow, and again in typeform).

Looking forward to your replies. Saw a few answers but haven’t found a simple one yet.

Have a great day.

To dynamically insert the email from your Webflow form into the Typeform URL, you’ll need some JavaScript. Essentially, you’ll capture the email input when the Webflow form is submitted, then append this email to your Typeform URL as a query parameter. The URL would look something like[captured_email]

Just remember, this requires a bit of coding. If you’re not comfortable with JavaScript, you might want to collaborate with a developer for this part.