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Mailchimp integration: submitting checkbox value


I have a form built in webflow that adds email addresses to mailchimp:

There is a checkbox in the form that IF checked, tells mailchimp to add the email to a group (called ‘Beta Testing’) – see in this image the Beta Testing column in mailchimp:

The trouble is, whether the checkbox is checked or not, whenever a form is submitted from webflow, mailchimp always adds the user to the beta-tester group.

You can see a version of the form that works as expected here: (not done in webflow):

The only difference between the 2 forms I can see is that the working version has value=“1” set on the checkbox which I can’t seem to do in webflow. I’m not sure if this makes any difference or not?

Do you know of any reason why submitting via webflow always causes mailchimp to think the beta checkbox was checked?

Many thanks


I fixed this by using a custom HTML embed to hold the mailchimp generated form instead of using a webflow form.

Hi Matt, thanks for your posts, this will have to be investigated, because it is a little difficult to know if there was some issue with the form, with mailchimp or with the value. We will take a look at it and see what we can find on it. I think it is good that you got it working with the Mailchimp, but it need to be investigated and tested the exact scenario to provide more relevant feedback on this one. I will put this on the task list :smile:

Cheers, Dave

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