Submitting selected Webflow Checkboxes to Mailchimp Groups

I’ve been having a very difficult time getting my Webflow form data to show up in Mailchimp properly. I’ve easily spent 10-hours on this over the weekend, and I’m not getting anywhere.

Specifically, I am looking to have checkbox data from my Webflow form push to a Mailchimp Group I have set-up.

I have 4 checkboxes, that I want users to be able to select any combination, which will update my Mailchimp Groups. I’m going to be expanding the number of checkboxes I have listed on the site as-well, but I’m looking to get these 4 figured out first.

So far, I’ve tried every solution & suggestion I’ve seen in the Webflow forums, to no avail.

I’ve tried:

  • Using the Group ID in the Webflow ID & Name fields (i.e., [group][5199])
    • Also tried using the group ID and specific group value in the fields - this passes all of the checkbox values to Mailchimp as selected, even when they are not selected (i.e., [group][5199][2])
    • Tried using the Input Attributes field to have the Group Name & Value after putting the group name in the ID & Name fields
    • Tried putting the Group Name in the Webflow ID & Name fields (i.e., Topics)
    • Tried putting the default Group Merge Tag in the Webflow ID & Name fields (i.e., INTERESTED:TOPICS)
  • Using Zapier:
    • This seemed promising, but since I’m sending multiple checkbox values - each to their own respective group, I’m limited in the number of ‘Paths’ I can use in Zapier
    • Also - and more importantly - once the first condition is met in a Path, it does not continue searching for additional matches - so if someone has multiple checkboxes selected, it only populates the 1st one if finds

A few things to note:

  • I tried different variations of using the expected Email Form name of EMAIL, and then leaving it as default - neither worked
  • Came across a forum post that mentioned there might be some issues w/ CORS or Cross-Site sharing, I tried the same strategies on Safari - none of them worked
  • I saw an Fin’ Sweet Hack that I could use to pass the selected values to Mailchimp w/ JS - but this is outside of my wheelhouse, and since it doesn’t match the exact functionality I’m looking to replicate, I’m having trouble repurposing the script.
    • For those curious - it has a different merge tag for each checkbox field, which does not help my case in building something that feeds into Mailchimp groups

Lastly - I don’t want to just embed the Mailchimp form onto my Webflow site. Reason being, I’m going to take the form I’ve created, and then create specific landing pages for each of the Topics that I’m capturing leads from. In this case, all of the checkbox fields will be hidden, but will have a single field selected by default (which the user will not see or be able to change) so they get signed up to the proper interest group.

Do I need to have a custom script written to accomplish what I’m looking to do? Anyone have any other suggestions?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Here is my live site:


Yeah, same here! Bumping it up to the top
It’s a big annoyance and I would be curious on how others have solved for that. Especially the GDPR Forms that you can set up in Mailchimp. and also on how Google Spam check interferes with it…

Hey Nick,

Were you able to find a solution to this? I’m having the same problems.

I’ve not found a solution myself - would be great if someone does

Does anyone have a solution for this now? Trying desperately to get individual selected checkboxes to connect to MailChimp! @nickgio @ifrankieg

I am having the same issue! Checkboxes set up in Webflow do not send any data to Mailchimp. Form fields and radio buttons are working fine. The website is meant to go live in a few hours and the form is not working properly – aaargh!

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