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Mailchimp form integration + updating existing contact

Mighty Webflow braintrust,

First of all let me thank you all for being such an awesome community - Just browsing through the discussions helped me a lot in the past. This is my first active question since I couldn’t find any past threads discussing this issue:

I’ve built a custom sign up form in Webflow that sends sign up information (Name + Email + Group – group is used to track sign up source) to my Mailchimp audience (similar to what’s discussed in this thread: Mailchimp Groups - #20 by fmcausby). Everything works fine so far.

Now, I need already EXISTING contacts in this audience to be UPDATED once they complete the form. The form completion is associated with a group change which in return triggers a welcome email.

Any ideas how I can make ensure that existing contacts are updated once they complete the form?

Currently, if somebody signs up with already existing Name + Email NOTHING happens, i.e. the contact in Mailchimp stays keeps their old Name + Email + Group.

Thanks in advance!

PS: I’ve used a similar custom embedded code to combine the form completion with Mailchimp audience POST:

<div class="mc-field-group input-group" style="display:none">
<strong>Subscriber Groups </strong>
<li><input type="checkbox" value="1" name="group[10397][1]" id="mce-group[10397]-10397-0">
<label for="mce-group[10397]-10397-0">Company News</label></li>

Take a look at