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Is there a way to update MailChimp fields of a person's old record?

Hi, I am using Webflow form to set up sign up to MailChimp.

Is there a way to update the MailChimp records if the same person (same email address) fills in the Webflow form again with different inputs?

eg. In the old record on MailChimp, the person’s COMPANY is Old Day Co.
When the same person fills in the Webflow form again, he enters ABC Inc.
I think this new submission should update the COMPANY field, but it cannot.

Any idea?

Thank you very much.

The Mailchimp API supports an update method so yes it is possible.

Great. Thanks.

It looks like I have to use Zapier instead of direct submission.

Yep, because you need to use a PATCH request which isn’t an option from a standard form. If I recall correctly, you will also need MD5 hashing.

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