Mailchimp campaign or content embeds?


It says “You can use the embed element with embeds from… Mailchimp.” But, no pointers or documentation on this whatsoever. Client sends out a monthly newsletter we want as a blog post. I spend seemingly hours each month trying to scratch my head and figure out how to do something as simple as have two images next to each other (i.e. the Rich Text element blows).

Just discovered this, but no clue where to grab “imbed code” from Mailchimp. Googling forever, and still nothing coming up. Any ideas? OR, any ideas how to simply get two images side by side, but then also responsive? Seriously, my client is pissed off how poor things are, and frankly so am I. Can’t believe there’s this ultra powerful CMS, but something as simple as a nice looking basic and responsive blog post is seemingly impossible.

Any ideas?

One way is with a custom code embed in your rich text element. The pain is you need to upload the images separately, grab the URL, then circle back to create the custom HTML embed. The RTE has shortcomings as you can tell.

That’s what I was afraid of, but I don’t do custom code. Whole reason I’m using Webflow.

My current guess now is that I have to “preset” a bunch of empty alternating blocks of multi images between RTF blocks the CMS, and hope that it fits the content. Kinda makes me look lame to the client. In the meantime, I edited the client’s Mailchimp template and said stick to full width images for consistency. Though, I do prefer the full width images, personally… so, maybe I’ll get lucky and we’ll keep it that way.

But, still… all around, kinda lame. The CMS seems awesome, but… not for basic blog functionality. Go figure.

But, thanks for the help!