Machine translation glossary available for Enterprise Localization

Seamlessly ensure accurate, consistent, and on-brand translations across your locales with our new machine translation glossary.

We’re excited to share that customers using Enterprise Localization can now upload a custom translation glossary to help ensure accuracy, consistency, and on-brand translations across their locales when using Webflow’s native machine-powered translation.

Whether it’s making sure your company name is never translated, or implementing more culturally relevant translations for common words and phrases –our machine translation glossary will save your team the headache of manually adjusting the same words across multiple localized pages and allow you to ship faster.

User is uploading a custom translation terminology CSV file in the localization panel of a localized site.

To learn how to upload and implement your custom machine translation glossary, visit Webflow University. To learn more about Webflow Enterprise, get in touch with our sales team.