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Lottie scroll animation doesn't work when published but works in designer?

Hey all!

Im having trouble with a lottie scroll animation. All looks good in the designer and the designer preview but on the published site it just doesnt work? Do you guys have any idea where i messed up? :slight_smile:


Here is my site Read-Only: CLICK ME PLZ

Here is the published Link:

If you’re talking about the Rapidroute Cable Management section, I’m just seeing a placeholder Lottie animation icon in the Designer view:

Here’s what it looks like on the live site:

Yes, as you can see, in the designer there is the lottie placeholder and a sticky section. On the live site is wether the placeholder nor is it sticky!

Are you talking about the copy not “sticking” once the page reaches that section? If so, I’m getting an error from an included JS script that may be causing the problem:

I’d recommend testing it without any external scripts enabled (or making the necessary changes to prevent the error) and see if that helps.

In regards to the placeholder, I believe this is only used in the Designer and won’t show up on published sites, although I could be wrong. I’d try using the necessary Lottie file and seeing if it appears as expected.