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Lottie Hamburgers - Yum Yum! :)

Hi there,

Just wanted to share some of the fun I have been having with SVG, Lottie and After Effects - made some animated hamburger buttons for a project and wanted to share with all the interested webflowers out there… everyone is welcome to use it if they are so inclined!



Super cool svg animation !!

Woah, these are yummy! Great job! I might actually borrow one of these for my site as I was just looking around for custom burgers. Will let you know if I do :slight_smile:

Just published two more hamburgers - Enjoy!


Great job @IVG, thanks for sharing!

Thank you! :webflow_heart:

So I added a new hamburger - have been working on it for a little while… the animation is interesting but it seems that it doesn’t look good when the button is small - can’t make out the fine details… but I still like it and I worked hard on it :slight_smile: … So, have a look and enjoy! any comments and/or suggestions are welcomed!

Thinking to do some buttons now - anyone has any interesting ideas/examples I can look at and try to improve or develop based on?

Added another one - I think this is one of the funner ones that I have done - a Raspberry Hamburger :slight_smile:

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Wow, this one took me a while to get just right but I am loving it! I think this is the best one yet! Very Zen! Enjoy!

They are super cool!

I feel some of them are very particular uses over a little too extravagant for my liking.

Maybe simplify them a bit more?

Thanks! And extravagant was what I was going for, my thought is that the simple ones you can do with CSS and with SVG’s you can customize the buttons and animations to a much greater degree, as such some would be great for using for specialized sites - the YinYang for a yoga studio, the one with the “Section symbol” for a law firm etc…


I love the Yin Yang, without the Koi fish, personally.

I can definitely see it’s specialized purposes, though.

Behold my latest creation ! Na-Nu Na-Nu

These new ones are amaaaazing!

I have been enjoying the after effects animations immensely!

Btw - any ideas that you’d like to try, I am interested in trying to implement… I like a challenge!

They look fantastic and are very creative, might use one for my site, thanks @IVG

Two more additions! enjoy everyone! A new sand clock animation and a (i’m particularly proud of this one) a celtic know animation!

These look like fun! Well done! Might feature them on my Webflow blog if I may…

Sure no problem. Go ahead and post it on your blog

Cool, thanks! I’ll send you the link when it’s online and credit you of course!

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