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Lottie Hamburgers - Yum Yum! :)

First update of 2020 - a robot arm hamburger animation! enjoy!


Great job @IVG! will be considering them for our site.

Just come across this topic - these hamburgers are awesome! Thanks for making them available to clone.

Sure thing - happy that you like them… hopefully I will get some more time/inspiration to make some more - i really enjoy making lottie animations :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, were you aware that the first one one the live site isn’t present in the cloneable?

(That’s not a complaint, totally understand if you’ve licensed it or otherwise decided to withdraw it!)

EDIT: That’s weird. It definitely wasn’t there a second ago, but I’ve just checked again and it is!

EDIT 2: It’s present when I “open in Webflow” but not present when I clone it - it simply duplicates the next one down in the cloned version. Super strange! Here’s what I get when I clone it:

no, i was not aware… lemme see why is that - because it really should be available… just to make sure are you talking about the one with “robot hands”?

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I’ve just edited my reply above with what I’m seeing - super weird! I’ve cloned it twice as well, same both times.

can you try to clone it again - i republished the site…

Still not working :crazy_face: what a random error haha!

Yeah… super weird… dunno what to tell you… maybe try clearing cookies and try in a different browser… but if you want that lottie you can still inspect the element in my published site and download it directly and use it… also you can try and get it from my lottiefiles page (I think i should have it there…)

@IVG it’s cool, thanks for trying! Thanks for the link to your lottiefiles page, that’s awesome :partying_face:

If you ever is in need of custom animation for projects - I am available to freelance :slight_smile:

also any kind of 2d motion design and character animation

Don’t worry, I’ve already bookmarked you :wink: you’ve got some great content. Thanks again

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After a brief hiatus, here is my latests Hamburger lottie - an Isometric button! enjoy!


Love it! That’s seriously cool.

Thanks! - I was also thinking to ask members here to pitch me some ideas for animations and I will try to implement them - maybe something really cool comes of it!

So anyone who has an interesting idea for a button animation but doesn’t have time, interest or know-how to do it - let me know - I may be able to animate your idea - of course you will be credited as the “idea man” for the animation and we can post it in webflow showcase for people to use!

please try to describe this in as much details as possible - if you can sketch something out - even better. If you can show an example of something similar on the interwebs thats also good!

Looking forward to reading your ideas!