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Lottie animation slow/glitchy on mobile

Anyone else have issue with lottie animation being slow or glitching on mobile?

I have a preloader that loads smoothly on desktop and even as mobile in chrome dev tools but when using a phone it takes a second to load and then jumps/skips frames.

Any advice?

See for yourself at

Hi @Noel_Fenez

Yes, I definitely have a few jump cuts on mobile.

Was your AE timeline 60 fps to sync with 60 Hz displays?
Did you select page load “when page starts loading” or “when page finishes loading” interaction?

Otherwise very clean web app feel :+1:

Hey @ColibriMedia

I think that might be it, it’s not in 60fps, weird that it still work properly on desktop however… but I’ll give it a shot!

Thanks for the kind words!

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