Losing image perspective when I animate

Whats up everybody

I have two images stack on top of each other (position is on absolute for both images).
I have rotated both images on the Y axis to get the desire look I want.

Now, here is the problem, if i try to animate the front image (with a move animation), i lose the Y-axis rotation. Is this a bug?

Here is the desired look I want (the move in 3d animation, second section from the top):http://3d-transforms.webflow.com/

I don’t even want to move the back image/layer as shown, just the front image.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Figo,

If you can share us a read-only link we can take a look
Share a project’s read-only link

Thanks for the swift response Matzinger, but I have found a work around (by rotating the images IN THE interaction/animation as well, and setting it to default state).

However it will be great to know in that link how to do the: “Move in 3D. Layer elements along the Z-axis by adding space between them.” They do mention move transform on Z-axis but if you had two flat squares and wanted to change the perspective similar to that one, how would go about it?