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Absolute positioning z index

I’ve been building my portfolio site and created this rotated and tilted section where a bunch of my web designs are displayed. I animated them so they levitate up and reveal some text underneath while the shadow stays in the same position.

This was working great yesterday and actually looked pretty smooth after some tinkering. I started uploading images after I got the structure working but I must have done something because now the animation is jacked.

When the image card levitates up, the shadow clips in front, despite having a lower z index. I feel like this is a silly or obvious mistake because of how well it worked before, but I need the help. How do I make sure the shadow stays BEHIND the image card?

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Thanks in advance!

Here is my public share link: [LINK](Webflow - Mentat Design Website)
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Edit-- Video for reference

On your interaction, if you apply Z value as well then your issue will be gone.

As transform has been applied to your elements are working on a 3d manner. I’m also skeptic about this but I think negative Y value is causing it to appear behind.

Thank you, I literally moved it 1px and it righted itself. What a simple fix!