Looking for Webflow experts and agencies to join Codemap

Hi everyone! :wave:

We are looking for Webflow experts and agencies to join Codemap, our freelance platform for no-code and automation - the client demand is increasing quite rapidly since our launch 6 weeks ago, with many experts on Codemap already working on projects they were hired for.
So far we’ve had:

  • 600+ signups from experts and clients
  • 250+ clients hiring now or in the next weeks
  • 60+ projects already published
  • New projects published daily
  • Tools in demand: Bubble, Webflow, Adalo, Glide, Zapier, Stripe, Integromat, and more…

The platform is free to use for experts, meaning 0 commission, and there is also no public bidding of any kind to erode hourly rates and price levels even before you get to send a proposal.

If you are a Webflow expert, feel free to register and start getting in touch with clients on https://codemap.io/landing_talent.

Cheers! :v: