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Looking for a really experienced Webflow expert/general graphic, web designer & developer

Hello guys, So basically this is what I need right now. Frankly, I don’t know if it is possible in such a short time frame - so let me know what is possible.

I have a client who is running for U.S. Senate to replace Al Franken. She will be filing on Tuesday and I have her management as a client, so basically they are wondering is it possible for a logo to be created and a nice landing page that includes the logo, a couple pictures of her and her family, and a donate button by Tuesday to start. The website does not need to be robust for this part.

She currently has a website right now to go off of for content, etc… I have the information to log in on that website. As well as other info.

After this week we would want to begin to build out the website more - for digital marketing and other purposes, but really just need a landing page for this initial project for when we announce later this week.

We have a good budget for the right designer and will be using you for the rest of this campaign if it works out. Let me know your estimate and any initial questions. I’m looking for very experienced talent for this project and overflow projects going forward, you must also have wonderful communication and project process/management habits.

Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you!


Am available for both the logo design and the website work.

Can start immediately upon receipt of information and logo thoughts/concept.

Located in North Carolina, just above Charlotte.

Ding back if interested and will give you phone so we can chat.

FYI. Am also a Joomla expert and have two published books in

Currently have limited my client base for new projects that are of interest.

Standing by.

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Just sent over my information in a message.

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Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt,

I can definitely do this website and logo for you. I have 10 years web development and graphic design experience. I’m reliable with great customer communication.

I can get this done by Tuesday morning. It would be best if we could get started early Sunday. Please contact me so we can go over more specifics. :slight_smile:

(402) 789 - 5590

Newest site just launched:

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@Scott_Van_Zandt Just sent you a message regarding the donation service provider. Wish we could help with the rest of the project! Best of Luck!

The Plasso Team

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Hey Scott,

I will be happy to assist having all the expertise (Design , Website, Digital Marketing) with me Please check your inbox for more details and contact me at

Best regards,
Scott W.

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Please hire me as a web designer and developer.I have 3 years of working experience as a web designer at website Designer Agency in Dubai and can easily work on Adobe products for web designing and different frameworks as well.

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Hi Scott,

Hope you are good, I’m a professional web developer and designer at leading web development company Australia, I have almost 6-year experience as a web developer. for more details contact me 61731234431