Looking for Opinions + Advice on: Displaying Portfolio Photos & Load Speed & Mobile Experience

Hi Everyone,

I’m a photographer updating my portfolio website(s) for a better mobile user experience. I’m kicking around a few design ideas and thought I’d hit the Forum with some questions for those with a lot more experience than myself before I go into full design mode & paint myself in a corner.

So I have about 30-40 images per page in some instances to display. I’ve compressed them and working to keep the total page file size under a 1 mb. 70% of my leads are using phones to search and browse my sites so I’m mostly focused on the mobile experience.

My questions revolve around how Webflow Works…

If I do a slider do all the images have to load before the slider begins displaying and playing?
Is there anyway to control how images load?

If I create a flex sections displaying 2 photos side by side, so a user could scroll down and view 10 photos, then see a ‘button asking to load more’ which would display another flex section (that I have hidden from view) with 10 more photos etc. etc. Would all 30 images I have in flex sections have to load, regardless in they are hidden from view - or would additional photos only load on user request?

I personally like this feel, so leads can see the images and my style before taking a next action to scroll or click anywhere.

Is Lightbox a better balance of my lead in being in control of what they want to see and not having all 30 images load while the lead is ready to leave my site and go back to search results… :slight_smile:

"Important Note to mention"
I really want my leads to see the body copy and headings below the images by the 2nd or 3rd scroll…

Hope I’m being clear, thanks for reading this far!

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