Long text in 1 section

Hi everyone, I’m new to webflow, I’m having a problem with long text taking up a section, the site is still not responsive for 1920*1080 screens, but after correcting the text for this screen I think the problem will persist.
Basically the problem is that the text occupies more than 100vh and in turn the section that has 100vh, I would like your help if it is possible to make the text stay inside the section and “scroll” to read all this, without leaving this section as a vertical-only slider of the text, with the image following the same position (centered in the middle).


Have you tried Overflow:scroll in the Style tab?

I think I must have already applied, but by mistake, I’ll try overflow again with some tutorials I found here. good, but from what I’ve seen this huge text only appears on smaller screens (I’m still fixing the responsive one), by the way is it possible to make the page scroll to a section after finishing a lottery animation? in case you don’t know, thanks for the help.