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Changing page size to accommodate amount of content

Good afternoon all,

I’ve ran into a snag with a theory I thought would work in conjunction with an on demand webflow stream about Horizontally scrolling websites by Webflow.

In the 2nd section of the scroll, there are a series of filters, these filters are designed to extend the length of the horizontal scroll depending on it’s selection by replacing div sections and adjusting the scroll length by adding and hiding Scroll Blocks.

My first thought of a way to get around this was to have the Scroll Block with it’s height set to 100VW hide and show a certain amount of them as required to help extend the length of the scroll of the website.

The scroll is attached to a scroll animation on a wrapper that contains each section.

The error that I thought would occur is that all it would do is slow down the length of the scroll instead of lengthen the amount of content able to display… which is what ended up happening because the end position of the scroll animation cannot be changed whilst the website is active it seems?

Is there a way to tie the amount there is to scroll to with the length of the wrappers horizontal scroll animations?

At the moment, the scroll is set to -100VW at 100% of the scrolls completion… of course this value (as far as I can tell) cannot be changed whilst the website is in action.

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